Using Custom Rubber Bracelets to Spread Awareness
February 6, 2016

Custom rubber bracelets are trendy accessories that are worn by a huge number of people, especially among the youth. It is no wonder that these rubber bracelets or wristbands are a favorite promoting tool these days. It works not only as advertising for business but also as an information dissemination tool to spread awareness about a cause. In fact, a popular example is Lance Armstrong’s bright yellow “Live Strong” rubber bracelets which helped raise awareness and funds for his organization on cancer research. Since that time, a lot of rubber bracelets have been used to raise awareness for different causes such as pink bracelets for breast cancer, purple bracelets for Alzheimer’s disease, red bracelets for AIDS, and so on.

One reason why using these bracelets is effective as a tool to spread awareness is that it offers high visibility.

People sport these bracelets on their wrist and shows your cause anywhere they go. The percentage of people seeing them and being curious about them will be quite high. The workmates, schoolmates, family, friends and even those commuting with the bearer will have access to the cause you’re promoting with just one glance. The rubber bracelets are usually bright colored which makes them easy to spot anywhere. The fact that they are fashionable also assures you that the bearers will be wearing the bracelet often.

Custom Rubber BraceletsAs these bracelets are trendy, presentation is also important. This is why most people prefer to order custom rubber bracelets for their cause. You can actually make the designs yourself. You have the option to choose the colors, the font types, and even the style. You can even add your own custom art work or a clip art which works great if you are doing this for an organization that has its own logo. Most companies allow you to order and set your design online as well so you do not have to undergo the hassles of drawing your design.

If your cause does not have a particular color that is popularly assigned to it, like raising awareness for a school sports program or a church volunteer program for the community, you can start fresh and simply choose a color that you think reflects well on your cause that stands out at the same time. Print a catchy slogan on your custom rubber bracelets that you know will surely catch the attention and curiosity of people who might see them and place the name of your organization in a smaller font or simply place your logo after the slogan. Most organizations find it easier to disseminate bracelets with slogans on them instead of hard selling on the organization name and cause directly.

Customizing these rubber bracelets do not make them an expensive option. In fact, compared to other promotion tools, these bracelets are a lot cheaper—especially when you buy them in bulk. Ordering these bracelets in large numbers will entitle you to huge discounts as well. They are easy to produce, which makes them very affordable. Plus it’s easy to distribute them to the public. You can use them as tickets or passes to an event that features your cause or sell them as a fund raiser for your cause. They can also be used as tokens for a seminar or workshop. The possibilities are endless.

So, if you are aiming to raise awareness for a cause that you feel strongly about, do not forget that the easiest, most affordable, and most trendy way to do it is through custom rubber bracelets. The concept is so simple and yet it works so well. They will not only catch everyone’s curiosity but their trendy look will also entice them to get one themselves.