Creative Print Ideas for your Neck Lanyards
April 11, 2016

Lanyard prints aren’t limited to silk screen anymore. With the high technology now a days there are endless designs and prints you can choose for your Neck Lanyards! Here are fun print ideas for you to choose from:


1. Bands

Do you love 1Direction? Do you want a Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift Neck Lanyards? Well, no one will stop you! You can even have “Mrs. Harry Styles” printed on it. Wear your favorite band or artist to school and be the envy of your classmates. Show your support and how much you love them with a personalized band lanyard.

2. TV Shows

Have your favorite show printed onto that lanyard and walk around like a proud fan. Aside from looking cool, it would be the perfect conversation starter! If you find someone with the same show interest then you’ll definitely have a lot to talk about. You’ll gain new friends in no time.

3. Inspirational Quote

Have your favorite quote or motto in life printed on a lanyard. You’ll be inspiring everyone who lays their eyes on it. Plus every time you feel down or troubled, you’ll just need to take a look at the lanyard you’re wearing! You’ll definitely feel uplifted and inspired.

4. Family Picture

Staying in a dorm or living away from home will definitely make you miss your family. You won’t get too lonely by printing your family picture into your Neck Lanyards. You’ll always be reminded of them and you’ll literally be able to keep them close to your heart.

5. His and Hers

Get labeled as the campus or office sweethearts by wearing a couple lanyard! It’s sweet, cute and screams ‘hands off!’. Single? Then bribe your best friend into having BFF Lanyards!

6. Your kid’s favorite cartoon character

Neck Lanyards could be the key to a stress free day with your kid! With this around, tantrums won’t be a problem anymore! Just wave around that colorful lanyard with his or her favorite cartoon character and you’re all set. Your kid likes a lot of cartoons? That’s not a problem either! Include Spongebob, Finn and even Mickey Mouse. You can print all the characters you want!

7. Calendar

If you always find yourself asking others for the date then why not get a lanyard for each month of the year? No need to bother your seatmate!

8. World’s greatest

Teacher? Doctor? Friend? It’s the perfect gift for someone special. Make someone happy by naming them one of the world’s greatest. You can also get one yourself. It’s the perfect ego booster!

9. Your kid’s doodles

Wear your child’s artwork proudly by scanning them and having it printed into your Neck Lanyards. Parents might not be able to bring their children to work but having a simple reminder of your kids would definitely brighten up any parent’s day.

10. Mood

Mood rings are out of date so why not tell everyone what you’re feeling through your Neck Lanyards? Wear that “I am sad” lanyard on bad days and “I am happy” on good ones. This way people will know how to approach you or when not to.

11. Holidays

Print some Christmas stuff on your lanyard and wear it during the month of December to help you get into that holiday spirit. You could even make one for New Year too!

Lanyards aren’t limited to formal organization and school prints, as well as for awareness campaigns – at least, not anymore! You can have fun with your lanyard and try to make a design of your own. Getting customized lanyards these days are that easy to make.