Are you looking for the best storage solutions to meet your needs?

More and more people are looking at moveablecontainer as the ideal storage solution – whether for residential or commercial use. Should you consider this option?

Our moveable storage containers help you optimize your use of space. They are designed specifically for this purpose – to give you the utmost storage space in a convenient and practical way. They are versatile, strong, and weather-resistant. They are cost-efficient, secure and made from top quality material. Lending themselves to ease of transport, they are the obvious options for people who are constantly relocating.

They are versatile since you can use them in various ways.

If you find that you have limited room in your home or office, you can get a moveablecontainer to extend your storage space. Moving your furniture, appliances, bric-a-brac, and other possessions into a portable storage container will free up the much needed space in your home or office, which you can use for other purposes.

MoveablecontainerYou do not have to worry about the safety and security of your possessions in the moveablecontainer. Our containers are designed to be tough and durable. They are resistant to water and wind, making them capable of withstanding bad weather. You can be sure that the things you keep in them will remain clean and safe.

You do not have to worry about theft or pilferage either. Our containers are made of strong, tough and tamper-proof material. Moreover, they feature a lockbox that you cannot tamper with. Your stuff remains safe and secure – whether you use the containers for on-site storage purposes or for transporting your stuff.

We offer a wide range of storage facilities and services. We have portable storage containers, moveable storage, cubicle storage containers, and mobile office to fit every need and budget. We have containers that you can rent or buy, depending on your requirements.

You can use them as on-site storage solutions. We have clients who make use of our containers for their warehousing needs, office requirements, or home projects. You can use them to extend your home or office space. If you are renovating your building, you can use them to store equipment, furniture, or appliances so they do not get in the way of the renovating process.

If you want to show off your house to possible buyers and need it to look clean, clutter-free and spacious, then can use the containers to store things that tend to eat up space. If your growing business requires you to add more people and you do not have the space as of yet, you can use the containers to store some of the space-consuming furnishings or equipment to make room for additional office personnel. The possibilities are vast.

Storage ContainerThe use of moveablecontainer has served to modernize cargo forwarding. You do not have to go through the entire complicated process of traditional cargo transport – pack your things, hire a truck, load and unload your cargo, and rent a storage facility with limited space. You can rent or buy moveable containers from us – and we will do all the rest. You can be sure that your possessions are transported and stored safely.

Moveable storage units offer everything. They are affordable and convenient. They are safe, sturdy and secure. They are designed to resist harsh winds and strong rains. They are engineered to withstand security breaches. They are built to endure heavy loads and tough stacking requirements. They are cost-effective and practical.

When looking for a moveablecontainer, make sure to get the best company in the industry – one, which offers versatile storage solutions and quality service. Look for one with a nationwide network, which includes many locations. Look for one, which offers competitive market rates and with staff who are proven to have a clear interest in addressing your storage needs.

Our company has a growing network of locations to serve our growing register of clients. We make moveable container storage easy for you.

Creative Print Ideas for your Neck Lanyards
April 11, 2016

Lanyard prints aren’t limited to silk screen anymore. With the high technology now a days there are endless designs and prints you can choose for your Neck Lanyards! Here are fun print ideas for you to choose from:


1. Bands

Do you love 1Direction? Do you want a Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift Neck Lanyards? Well, no one will stop you! You can even have “Mrs. Harry Styles” printed on it. Wear your favorite band or artist to school and be the envy of your classmates. Show your support and how much you love them with a personalized band lanyard.

2. TV Shows

Have your favorite show printed onto that lanyard and walk around like a proud fan. Aside from looking cool, it would be the perfect conversation starter! If you find someone with the same show interest then you’ll definitely have a lot to talk about. You’ll gain new friends in no time.

3. Inspirational Quote

Have your favorite quote or motto in life printed on a lanyard. You’ll be inspiring everyone who lays their eyes on it. Plus every time you feel down or troubled, you’ll just need to take a look at the lanyard you’re wearing! You’ll definitely feel uplifted and inspired.

4. Family Picture

Staying in a dorm or living away from home will definitely make you miss your family. You won’t get too lonely by printing your family picture into your Neck Lanyards. You’ll always be reminded of them and you’ll literally be able to keep them close to your heart.

5. His and Hers

Get labeled as the campus or office sweethearts by wearing a couple lanyard! It’s sweet, cute and screams ‘hands off!’. Single? Then bribe your best friend into having BFF Lanyards!

6. Your kid’s favorite cartoon character

Neck Lanyards could be the key to a stress free day with your kid! With this around, tantrums won’t be a problem anymore! Just wave around that colorful lanyard with his or her favorite cartoon character and you’re all set. Your kid likes a lot of cartoons? That’s not a problem either! Include Spongebob, Finn and even Mickey Mouse. You can print all the characters you want!

7. Calendar

If you always find yourself asking others for the date then why not get a lanyard for each month of the year? No need to bother your seatmate!

8. World’s greatest

Teacher? Doctor? Friend? It’s the perfect gift for someone special. Make someone happy by naming them one of the world’s greatest. You can also get one yourself. It’s the perfect ego booster!

9. Your kid’s doodles

Wear your child’s artwork proudly by scanning them and having it printed into your Neck Lanyards. Parents might not be able to bring their children to work but having a simple reminder of your kids would definitely brighten up any parent’s day.

10. Mood

Mood rings are out of date so why not tell everyone what you’re feeling through your Neck Lanyards? Wear that “I am sad” lanyard on bad days and “I am happy” on good ones. This way people will know how to approach you or when not to.

11. Holidays

Print some Christmas stuff on your lanyard and wear it during the month of December to help you get into that holiday spirit. You could even make one for New Year too!

Lanyards aren’t limited to formal organization and school prints, as well as for awareness campaigns – at least, not anymore! You can have fun with your lanyard and try to make a design of your own. Getting customized lanyards these days are that easy to make.

Using Custom Rubber Bracelets to Spread Awareness
February 6, 2016

Custom rubber bracelets are trendy accessories that are worn by a huge number of people, especially among the youth. It is no wonder that these rubber bracelets or wristbands are a favorite promoting tool these days. It works not only as advertising for business but also as an information dissemination tool to spread awareness about a cause. In fact, a popular example is Lance Armstrong’s bright yellow “Live Strong” rubber bracelets which helped raise awareness and funds for his organization on cancer research. Since that time, a lot of rubber bracelets have been used to raise awareness for different causes such as pink bracelets for breast cancer, purple bracelets for Alzheimer’s disease, red bracelets for AIDS, and so on.

One reason why using these bracelets is effective as a tool to spread awareness is that it offers high visibility.

People sport these bracelets on their wrist and shows your cause anywhere they go. The percentage of people seeing them and being curious about them will be quite high. The workmates, schoolmates, family, friends and even those commuting with the bearer will have access to the cause you’re promoting with just one glance. The rubber bracelets are usually bright colored which makes them easy to spot anywhere. The fact that they are fashionable also assures you that the bearers will be wearing the bracelet often.

Custom Rubber BraceletsAs these bracelets are trendy, presentation is also important. This is why most people prefer to order custom rubber bracelets for their cause. You can actually make the designs yourself. You have the option to choose the colors, the font types, and even the style. You can even add your own custom art work or a clip art which works great if you are doing this for an organization that has its own logo. Most companies allow you to order and set your design online as well so you do not have to undergo the hassles of drawing your design.

If your cause does not have a particular color that is popularly assigned to it, like raising awareness for a school sports program or a church volunteer program for the community, you can start fresh and simply choose a color that you think reflects well on your cause that stands out at the same time. Print a catchy slogan on your custom rubber bracelets that you know will surely catch the attention and curiosity of people who might see them and place the name of your organization in a smaller font or simply place your logo after the slogan. Most organizations find it easier to disseminate bracelets with slogans on them instead of hard selling on the organization name and cause directly.

Customizing these rubber bracelets do not make them an expensive option. In fact, compared to other promotion tools, these bracelets are a lot cheaper—especially when you buy them in bulk. Ordering these bracelets in large numbers will entitle you to huge discounts as well. They are easy to produce, which makes them very affordable. Plus it’s easy to distribute them to the public. You can use them as tickets or passes to an event that features your cause or sell them as a fund raiser for your cause. They can also be used as tokens for a seminar or workshop. The possibilities are endless.

So, if you are aiming to raise awareness for a cause that you feel strongly about, do not forget that the easiest, most affordable, and most trendy way to do it is through custom rubber bracelets. The concept is so simple and yet it works so well. They will not only catch everyone’s curiosity but their trendy look will also entice them to get one themselves.

August 27, 2015

Keynote speakers are chosen to convey the theme or purpose of any event through delightful and empowering talks. Speakers are expected to influence the audience, making them accept the product, service, or idea being talked about. No matter the topic being tackled though, they have one important duty – to inspire listeners, giving them a chance to live a better life.

Keynote-speakerGreat speakers deliver their speech with passion and enthusiasm. They stir the heart of the audience, even to the point of influencing perception. They set the motion for positive transformation to occur from within. They make attendees go home afterwards with hope and enthusiasm. Of course, in doing so, they bring satisfaction.

Keynote speakers are usually selected due to their expertise on topics that companies or organizers want discussed. Business owners hire excellent speakers to raise interest, motivate participants, and influence a particular audience.

If you’re still hesitant about getting keynote speakers for your event, you really need to realize these:

•If the event you’re planning is focused on promoting certain products or services, it is important to hire professional speakers to do the task for you. It ensures the success of the promotional event and leads to much better sales.

Good speakers are more capable of getting the undivided attention of attendees. They can deliver the message in the most persuasive way. They can influence people to try new products or services, particularly those you want to promote. Most importantly, they know when to ask for commitment.

•If you want a big turnout, you need to get speakers who are brilliant and popular. Everybody wants to listen and meet successful people during the launching or promotional event. Expect the venue to be packed with eager attendees who are all waiting for the speaker to share interesting topics.

•Boost the credibility of your product or service. People usually associate the product to the endorsers or celebrities promoting them. While perfectly good people, skilled speakers are masters of manipulation and are more than capable of convincing the public to make a purchase, even if what’s being offered is quite new. People have this subconscious tendency of listening, not on the topic but on how good the speaker delivers the speech.

•Keynote speakers also act as moderators during the program. They know how to handle pressures and deal with hostile people who bring negative remarks during the open forum portion. Experienced speakers are known to make striking answers, ready to give witty remarks whenever there’s a need to appease the audience. Of course, they also know how to be authoritative when dealing with difficult people.

•Articulate speakers make attendees forget their personal worries during the event, encouraging them to focus on the positive outcomes. They make participants relax and enjoy by singing, moving around, sharing personal experiences, and telling humorous anecdotes. It is a difficult challenge for speakers to make the audience concentrate on the topic at hand, but true pros in the industry never fail in that pursuit.

•During the event, the keynote speakers become the spokesperson and the authority representing the organization or company .Their power to make a difference on the lives of people in front of them is great. This power entails a lot of responsibility, making practice and preparation crucial. Their temporary authority gives them the influence to make participants react and act.

All in all, it could be said that the success of an event relies on the speaker’s ability to deliver an impressive speech. If you’re really worried that your chosen speaker won’t take your request seriously, just keep this in mind – a lackluster performance could very well end his career.

Author Bio:
Keynote speakers provides original research on managing expectations and emotions and shows there really is more to success than being the best.
Challenge Coins: Symbol of Bravery and Valor
August 25, 2015

Challenge coins are being used by different organizations nowadays, but before Katniss Everdeen graced her own challenge coin, the tradition of using coins as a symbol of unity started with the military. The idea of a challenge coin is to provide a symbol of membership to each and every person in the military service. Each branch of the military has its own challenge coin. Some, commemorating anniversaries, while others honoring the bravery of soldiers that fought the battle.

customcoinsAwarding soldiers with challenge coins was a tradition that, some believe, had been started by the Roman Empire. Nowadays, commanders would give challenge coins to the members of his unit, a way to ensure unity and to establish Esprit de Corps. A challenge coin bearing the insignia of the military somehow symbolizes that one has accepted the responsibility and suppressed the fear of anything that might happen during the line of duty.

Over the years, the military has minted over thousands of coins, ranging from simple to complex shapes and made from different metals such as bronze or silver. The coins also come with different designs, from serious to those that can make you laugh.

In the Air Force, training instructors award an airman’s coin to the newly enlisted personnel when they successfully finish their United States Air Force Basic Military Training. They also give coins to new officers when they complete the Air Force Officer Training School.

The most famous military coins with unusual shape is the US Army Diver coin. It comes in the shape of a diver’s helmet with the words US Army and Deep Sea Diver engraved on the back. The coin commends the holder to go after a higher ranking certification as a diver.

Another coin which deviates from the mainstream round shape is the “Trample the Weak” coin that comes in a shape of a skull. The coin of the 173rd Airborne Brigade certainly is not for the faint-hearted as it flaunts the words “Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead.”

Among many challenge coins released by the military, the “Mickey Mouse” certainly differs for it showcases a unique shape but not a violent one. With its, Mickey Mouse shape, as the name suggests, the coin released by the Naval Air Welfare Center definitely stands out.

Aside from those that stand out because of their shapes, there are some that stand out because of the reason they were minted. Take, for example, the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, which was given to the most senior enlisted man in the Navy.

Another is the Submariner Memorial coin of the Silent Service Patrol. The coin was minted for those who patrol the oceans twenty-four hours a day for seven days. The coin bears the words silent, endurance, fast, stealth, deadly, firepower deep and agility up front while the back contains the numbers of the ships that never reached their destination because they were lost to the depths of the ocean.

Lastly, there is the Medal of Honor challenge coin, and though it may not have the flashiest design, it still reminds people that the owner is the nation’s mightiest heroes.

Challenge coins may have originated a century ago, but since then, they have been a timeless symbol of bravery, integrity, excellence and valor. Some may come in odd shapes, while others in mainstream circles. Some may be coated in gold while others in silver, and each kind of coin has a different set of words engraved on it, each and every coin minted stands for something more than a piece of metal does for it unites people.

Challenge Coins 4 Less has a distinguished history of producing custom coins of outstanding quality.

Real estate
14 Tips in Choosing a Realtor
August 11, 2015

Choosing a realtor is not a simple task, which is why we took the initiative to come up with a list of the best realtors and brokers in New York. Nevertheless, if you want to take the traditional way, you should pack your bag with lots of discipline, patience, and good judgment so as to avoid hiring a terrible realtor.

Here are 14 tips for sellers and buyers.
1. Walk around the neighborhood to look for signs.

realtorWe are not referring to signs from heaven, but real “for sale” signs. Take a walk or ride a bike in the neighborhood your property is located at or you want to move in. Signs indicate the most prolific real estate company or realtor handling the properties there.

2. Look for referral.

Ask family and friends for recommendations if they have any. You can also talk to homeowners and ask if they know an active realtor in the area. You may be lucky to talk to someone who just moved in with fresh contact.

3. Make a shortlist.

After getting referrals and finding a list from the real estate company database, create a shortlist based on their given information and portfolio. Rounding up 10 realtors in preparation for an interview is good enough.

4. Check out reviews.

These days, reviews of realtors are everywhere, from their company profile pages to online forums. You can also check out with their regulatory bodies to know if disciplinary actions or formal complaints have already been filed against them.

5. Find out how they work by Googling your candidates.

Nowadays, you can easily have an idea of a person’s behavior and work ethics just by checking his online profiles. Look at his social media accounts. You can meet satisfied or irate clients there. LinkedIn is also a useful site for due diligence.

6. Interview several agents and compare their answers.

You need to have options, so interview all of those who will make it to your shortlist. Don’t choose or announce your choice just yet without interviewing everyone. Compare their answers to look at the differences.

7. Ask questions that matter.

When interviewing a realtor, three questions matter the most. How many deals have they closed in the previous and present years? How many deals involved your area or the area you want to buy a property at? How are they planning to meet your demands and offer you the best service?

8. Inform the agent of your price range.

An agent should be able to stick with your price range instead of prioritizing other things, such as your preferences. Be wary about this. Some realtors work around your preferences because it is easier to convince you when there are emotions involved. Just give the figure and stick with it.

9. Lay down your communication expectations.

One of the biggest problems between a seller and a buyer, and a realtor and a client is the communication line. Many clients expect frequent updates, but don’t give schedules. Don’t rely on mental telepathy. Say your preferred schedule of update.

10. Check out the license and pertinent track records.

A licensed realtor should be able to provide license number and ID from the National Association of Realtors and his regulatory body (state dependent). Track records also include portfolio and legal cases if any. Be particularly attentive to portfolio whether you are asking him to sell your property or find you one.

11. Look for the right credentials.

Aside from license, most realtors also have additional distinctions in the real estate industry. These distinctions are acquired by taking additional courses and training. The credentials to look for include Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Accredited Buyer Representative Manager (ABRM), Accredited Land Consultant (ALC), Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB), Counselor of Real Estate (CRE), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Green Designation, Resort and Second-Home Markets Certification (RSPS) and Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES).

12. Contact some of the agent’s former clients.

Ask the realtor to give you random contact information of former clients. This is to know more about his performance in the past. Don’t believe a realtor who says all of his clients want to maintain confidentiality because realtors maintain clients who are open for communication.

13. Pay attention to negotiation skills.

Don’t be impressed too much of an agent’s portfolio. Pay attention to how he presents himself and answers your questions because his negotiation skill is the real winning quality. You want to hire someone who can sell your house for a higher price, or find you a house that you can buy for a lower price.

14. Focus on what the agent can do, not what he can’t do.

Don’t look for a lot of qualities that don’t really matter in a negotiation. Some clients ask for financial advice from realtors, but they not are financial advisors by practice. Some also ask for interior design and landscaping tips, but they are not trained interior designers and landscape artists.

You can take the rougher road of selecting a realtor yourself, but you also have the option to look for a list of credible realtors as collected by another organization. We are proud to say that we can provide some of the best realtors in New York, which saves you a lot of time and money.

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Why use PCB assembly services?
July 23, 2015

pcbassemblyAssume for a moment that you have an engineering and manufacturing business and you suddenly need to produce more products due to the increasing demand. You have two options to address this problem. First, you can build up a manufacturing department to produce your products. Second, you can use a PCB assembly service. Of course, you want to save money and time. Thus, the second option would be the better choice.

What do we mean by outsourcing product assembly? It does not necessarily mean the traditional way of outsourcing in which the products are made abroad and you do not have any supervision of the construction processes. In fact, by outsourcing, you can ensure that your products are locally made with US-based companies. Also, you can make sure that the products are neither fake nor defective. So, what are the other advantages of using PCB assembly services?

Improving Productivity

Unfortunately. most small businesses cannot afford to buy or maintain the equipment necessary to operate. Without enough equipment or machinery on site, it will be difficult to produce large orders. As a consequence, this will negatively affect your company’s growth. In some instances, you might not afford to buy the greatest and latest equipment for manufacturing printed circuit boards. It can slow down the production rate and will result in time-consuming and costly problems or defects. By outsourcing PCB assembly services, you can benefit from your partner’s machinery and equipment without necessarily investing in it. This will develop your business and speed up your production rate.

Cheaper Material Costs

Perhaps, one of the challenges that mid-sized and small electronics companies face is buying components and system parts at cheaper costs. In the first place, suppliers are not willing to sell their products at competitive rates if they receive large orders from big companies. Unluckily, small businesses may not need to order bulk supplies or they cannot afford to order in bulk. To address this problem, you can buy from a contract vendor instead. This will definitely reduce the material costs.

Can Meet Your Needs

Most printed circuit board manufacturing companies offer services that can meet your needs. These include designing, repair, testing, producing, etc. Companies ensure that your PCBs are ready before shipping.

Boosting Efficiency

Assuming that your company can maintain the necessary equipment for handling small batch orders, it may be difficult for your business to manufacture printed circuit boards efficiently. If you can only assemble a limited number of PCBs at a time, you are just wasting money, energy and time. In this situation, it is recommended to use PCB assembly services that can produce larger orders at a time.

Environmental friendly

If you want to dispose of printed circuit boards and reduce your carbon footprint, you can contact certified professionals to do these things. There are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant companies that can help you out with electronic waste management.

Technical Competency

By outsourcing PCB assembly services you can be sure that your products are of highest quality. This is achieved by printed circuit board manufacturing companies by hiring the most competent engineers and performing tests before shipping the products. When it comes to dealing with faulty or broken equipment, they can provide you with the necessary resources.

Test Analysis and Laboratory Services

To perform component tests, system and compliance, you can use their laboratory services and test analysis. This is to guarantee low risk of failure. Moreover, just in case you experience an error, they can perform test analysis for you to understand the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.


There are many advantages of outsourcing printed circuit board assembly services. These include improved productivity, cheaper material costs, increased efficiency, meeting your needs, technical competency, and environment friendliness.


GolfOne of the points for contention in golf has always been the attire of women golfers. A lot of people think that women could wear anything on the green as long as they could look conservative and sophisticated while playing. Golf shirts for women are actually one of the articles that do have as large discrepancy with the men’s top as compared to the golf bottoms.

The similarities for both men and women

The shirts of men and women are the classic polo shirts that could be seen almost anywhere. These shirts are common in the business world as these are dubbed as casual professional attire. These are usually made of cotton and have a placket of two to three buttons on the front. They could have the optional front pocket, which is where the scoreboard and pen are usually placed. These are usually worn tucked in the golf bottoms.

These shirts usually come in solid bright colors. For the professional look, white and varying shades of blue and brown are used. There are also printed versions of the polo shirt, with stripes being the most popular of all designs.

The most common fabric used to make these shirts is cotton because this results in a lightweight, breathable golf shirt. Polyester or blends of the two are a close favourite of the golf players. This is because polyester has characteristics that enable the sweat to be dried quickly, making the wearer feel cooler.

During the colder weather, these golf tops could be paired with a cardigan, a sweater, a golf vest, or a golf jacket. In choosing an extra top to go with the chosen shirt, it is best to make sure that the design and color of both do not clash as to prevent a disorganized look.

Technology has also made a breakthrough in providing the golf players with the best style of golf tops. There are moisture-wicking shirts that “wick” the sweat away from the body and unto the surface of the shirts. There are also those with built in UV protection to prevent sunburns.

Golf shirts are sometimes called tennis shirts, as these are also the standard article of clothing of tennis players. In fact, tennis players wore the shirt first during the games. It was not until the later part of the twentieth century did the golf course owners allowed the polo shirts to be worn in the field.

Golf Shirts of Men

The sleeves of the golf shirts of men are usually one of the more noticeable differences for the two genders. Normally, the sleeves should fall three quarters to the elbow. Any length longer than that, especially when it falls just below the elbow, would make for a sloppy look. The designs of the golf shirt of men are usually limited to solid colors, and stripes with varying colors. There are only a handful of golf tops for men that have the extravagant prints.

Golf Shirts of Women

Women have more choices in terms of dressing up for a golf game. They are allowed to wear sleeves polo shirts if they want to, especially when the weather is warm. They also could wear shirts that are too short to be tucked, just falling at the hip. Women’s tops are also more form fitting than men. These are allowed as long as the general look of the top is still conservative. As per golf etiquettes, revealing tops are not allowed.

Furthermore, women have a significantly larger selection in the prints and designs of their shirts. It is actually a normal occurrence to see showy prints of women’s golf tops.

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