Why use PCB assembly services?
July 23, 2015

pcbassemblyAssume for a moment that you have an engineering and manufacturing business and you suddenly need to produce more products due to the increasing demand. You have two options to address this problem. First, you can build up a manufacturing department to produce your products. Second, you can use a PCB assembly service. Of course, you want to save money and time. Thus, the second option would be the better choice.

What do we mean by outsourcing product assembly? It does not necessarily mean the traditional way of outsourcing in which the products are made abroad and you do not have any supervision of the construction processes. In fact, by outsourcing, you can ensure that your products are locally made with US-based companies. Also, you can make sure that the products are neither fake nor defective. So, what are the other advantages of using PCB assembly services?

Improving Productivity

Unfortunately. most small businesses cannot afford to buy or maintain the equipment necessary to operate. Without enough equipment or machinery on site, it will be difficult to produce large orders. As a consequence, this will negatively affect your company’s growth. In some instances, you might not afford to buy the greatest and latest equipment for manufacturing printed circuit boards. It can slow down the production rate and will result in time-consuming and costly problems or defects. By outsourcing PCB assembly services, you can benefit from your partner’s machinery and equipment without necessarily investing in it. This will develop your business and speed up your production rate.

Cheaper Material Costs

Perhaps, one of the challenges that mid-sized and small electronics companies face is buying components and system parts at cheaper costs. In the first place, suppliers are not willing to sell their products at competitive rates if they receive large orders from big companies. Unluckily, small businesses may not need to order bulk supplies or they cannot afford to order in bulk. To address this problem, you can buy from a contract vendor instead. This will definitely reduce the material costs.

Can Meet Your Needs

Most printed circuit board manufacturing companies offer services that can meet your needs. These include designing, repair, testing, producing, etc. Companies ensure that your PCBs are ready before shipping.

Boosting Efficiency

Assuming that your company can maintain the necessary equipment for handling small batch orders, it may be difficult for your business to manufacture printed circuit boards efficiently. If you can only assemble a limited number of PCBs at a time, you are just wasting money, energy and time. In this situation, it is recommended to use PCB assembly services that can produce larger orders at a time.

Environmental friendly

If you want to dispose of printed circuit boards and reduce your carbon footprint, you can contact certified professionals to do these things. There are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant companies that can help you out with electronic waste management.

Technical Competency

By outsourcing PCB assembly services you can be sure that your products are of highest quality. This is achieved by printed circuit board manufacturing companies by hiring the most competent engineers and performing tests before shipping the products. When it comes to dealing with faulty or broken equipment, they can provide you with the necessary resources.

Test Analysis and Laboratory Services

To perform component tests, system and compliance, you can use their laboratory services and test analysis. This is to guarantee low risk of failure. Moreover, just in case you experience an error, they can perform test analysis for you to understand the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.


There are many advantages of outsourcing printed circuit board assembly services. These include improved productivity, cheaper material costs, increased efficiency, meeting your needs, technical competency, and environment friendliness.


GolfOne of the points for contention in golf has always been the attire of women golfers. A lot of people think that women could wear anything on the green as long as they could look conservative and sophisticated while playing. Golf shirts for women are actually one of the articles that do have as large discrepancy with the men’s top as compared to the golf bottoms.

The similarities for both men and women

The shirts of men and women are the classic polo shirts that could be seen almost anywhere. These shirts are common in the business world as these are dubbed as casual professional attire. These are usually made of cotton and have a placket of two to three buttons on the front. They could have the optional front pocket, which is where the scoreboard and pen are usually placed. These are usually worn tucked in the golf bottoms.

These shirts usually come in solid bright colors. For the professional look, white and varying shades of blue and brown are used. There are also printed versions of the polo shirt, with stripes being the most popular of all designs.

The most common fabric used to make these shirts is cotton because this results in a lightweight, breathable golf shirt. Polyester or blends of the two are a close favourite of the golf players. This is because polyester has characteristics that enable the sweat to be dried quickly, making the wearer feel cooler.

During the colder weather, these golf tops could be paired with a cardigan, a sweater, a golf vest, or a golf jacket. In choosing an extra top to go with the chosen shirt, it is best to make sure that the design and color of both do not clash as to prevent a disorganized look.

Technology has also made a breakthrough in providing the golf players with the best style of golf tops. There are moisture-wicking shirts that “wick” the sweat away from the body and unto the surface of the shirts. There are also those with built in UV protection to prevent sunburns.

Golf shirts are sometimes called tennis shirts, as these are also the standard article of clothing of tennis players. In fact, tennis players wore the shirt first during the games. It was not until the later part of the twentieth century did the golf course owners allowed the polo shirts to be worn in the field.

Golf Shirts of Men

The sleeves of the golf shirts of men are usually one of the more noticeable differences for the two genders. Normally, the sleeves should fall three quarters to the elbow. Any length longer than that, especially when it falls just below the elbow, would make for a sloppy look. The designs of the golf shirt of men are usually limited to solid colors, and stripes with varying colors. There are only a handful of golf tops for men that have the extravagant prints.

Golf Shirts of Women

Women have more choices in terms of dressing up for a golf game. They are allowed to wear sleeves polo shirts if they want to, especially when the weather is warm. They also could wear shirts that are too short to be tucked, just falling at the hip. Women’s tops are also more form fitting than men. These are allowed as long as the general look of the top is still conservative. As per golf etiquettes, revealing tops are not allowed.

Furthermore, women have a significantly larger selection in the prints and designs of their shirts. It is actually a normal occurrence to see showy prints of women’s golf tops.

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